Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Steps to Become a Fantasy Writer

Do you think you could handle being a fantasy writer? Can you see yourself working from home, meeting deadlines that you set, choosing a target audience, meeting people, marketing, and taking control of your future?

Becoming a published author has never been easier. Hundreds of new writers are published every year.

Readers Are the Best Writers

Anyone who reads with a passion absorbs the underlying pattern of plot, character portrayal, storyline and background. Famous authors will tell you how they read, every spare moment they have.

So you have a story to tell. Next step is to take note of what is popular. Write fiction your readers will devour. Readers dictate demand. Give them what they want and becoming famous and success are knocking on your door. A self-published writer might write to discover their unique style or voice but if you are writing for mainstream publishers, adhere to the rules your readers set.

Once you are committed. Practice. Write every day. If you don't know what to write, start with writing prompts. Write, read and learn about your chosen genre. Newsletters, magazines, forums online sites, provide an endless scope for research. Take courses, join and participate in review sites. Explore your talent while you learn from others who share your passion. Take heart as you learn to recognize mistakes. You are closer to success.

So Your Passion is Fantasy

Fantasy follows certain guidelines. Contemporary fantasy fiction must contain an aura of magic, to fulfill the elements of this genre. Heroes on a quest demand a certain style of writing. Keep cliches to a minimum. Avoid colloquialism and slang. Create your own terms and colorful language.

Find others who share your passion and get feed back on your work. Online writing forums, critique groups and courses can provide the necessary support write Fantasy fiction. Find courses where you can learn correct grammar, good sentence structure, crisp dialogue and formatting. Writing for the Fantasy genre is fulfilling, every writer can find support and feedback online.

Fantasy Readers

Target your Fantasy audience. Learn about what people are reading, by visiting bookstores, reading magazines and watching awards. Taylor your writing to the plot arcs of popular Fantasy fiction.

Creating characters and worlds beyond imagination, delving into the depths of a crisis, or having a hero develop through conflict is exciting. The goal of writing Fantasy fiction is to write what your readers want. Follow trends, research on the internet, in libraries and bookstores, read magazines and learn what publishers are looking for in Fantasy fiction. Read best sellers, news headlines, genre forums, check out bookstores and learn what the publishers are taking onboard.

Write Write everyday. Join writing groups, review and get reviewed.

Research Know the genre and read the work of famous Fantasy authors.

Learn Find your audience and create a query letter and synopsis to impress a publisher of Fantasy fiction. If your work is self edited, and polished, you might consider self-publishing and self-promotion.

The successful Fantasy writer, will hone their grammar skills, learn to edit, and follow trends in contemporary fiction. With determination and dedication, they will succeed in their chosen career.

Correct Grammar and Self Editing

When the ink dries on your epic Fantasy, take time to self edit your work.

Read your writing aloud.

Listen for flow, for rhythm content and pace. All fiction improves when writers use this devise.

Revise looking for correct grammar and typing errors.

Learn to edit. Keep a list of editing tips, words common problems to avoid, beside your work. Keep to the plot arc and cull all scenes and words that deviate or fail to drive the plot forward. Watch every word and even a convoluted plot can become a flowing narrative that will keep your reader hooked to the final word.

How to Become Famous

When writing Fantasy, you need to know who publishes your genre. Find publishers who print fiction similar to your writing. Address the industry through writing groups, blogs, forums, organizations and writing associations. Form an opinion and write and speak wherever you can. Take the challenge, enter contests, take tutorials, and join forums of authors who share your genre. When you approach a publisher, mention in your query letter, the places with which you are affiliated and demonstrate how your time is dedicated to becoming a famous author.

Promotion and Marketing

To become famous as a Fantasy writer, you must promote your work. Become involved in forums, writing groups. Network, consider public speaking, attending conferences, design a website, blog, and a fan club. Submit articles wherever there is an interest in your genre.

The old idea of publishers promoting authors has gone by the board. If you want to be a famous author or Fantasy writer, learn how to sell your books. Treat your writing as a career and do everything in your power to attract attention to your work. Learn how to promote yourself and your work as a professional. Use today's networking and promotional opportunities such as blog tours.

Things To Do.

Find a writing site that hosts a Fantasy Fiction forum. Post a sample of your work. Review other writers. Learn as you read. Make lists of grammar problems or solutions, points of view used, unique language, plot arcs used and publishers who print your genre.

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