Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to Create A Fantasy World - Part 2

Fantasy World Seasons and Weather

The same town or setting, with a different climate makes for a different scene. Sounds of wind and rain change the setting's mood. Depending on other known factors, weather elements add a sense of suspense to an otherwise ordinary day. Use weather to provide an obscure foreshadowing. For instance, according to weather folklore a condition known as storm moon occurs in March. A fantasy writer can take a tidbit like this and incorporate it as fact within the fantasy world to give the moon powers that change the weather, thus setting the scene for the plot to unfold.

Does the expanding fantasy land experience four seasons? Are any of the seasons harsh or extreme? Are the seasons changing and unpredictable?

Take a look at the weather channel, or even your local weather broadcast. Jot down weather in various parts of the world and problems that arise. Use the information to add a splash of weather to your world to stimulate your imagination and see what happens.

Tomorrow: How to Create A Fantasy World - Part 3: How to Construct a History

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